what is a workstation

Deliverables are the results that must be accomplished through work. They can be categorized as a whole to be completed by the end of the project OR in phases to be completed by individual deadlines. It can also be addressed as a certain percentage completion by certain dates. Each deliverable should clearly state what is specifically due, when it’s due, by whom it’s due the quality, and Acceptance Criteria upon delivery. Be sure to keep the performance deliveries realistic. Keep deadlines in universally measurable values, such as “mid-January” vs “the first part of the year,” which could be argued is any time before June starts ‘mid-year.’ ‍

Scope of Work
This step defines each work role within the project. It can do this by class, title, and/or group of employees. It can also/or group similar tasks by time frame.

However, it’s organized, the most important element is that each worker takes away a clear definition of what their role is within the job.

Tasks should indicate performance requirements and any policy a worker must adhere to in order to comply.

Often times a work breakdown structure (WBS) is used in conjunction here. It breaks down work into precise packages based on who and what type of work needs to be done during specific time frames. Combining the two helps to keep workers on task, providing clarity that anything not listed on the WBS falls outside the scope of the project and shouldn’t be done. ‍
what is a workstation

Project Objectives
Now that we’ve answered the question of what is SOW, it’s time to discuss the objective. The objective, or scope statement, clearly identifies the project’s objective and purpose. Think about how the project was initiated, who it benefits, what purpose it serves, why it’s needed, and when it needs to be ready for utilization? Asking all the pertinent who, what, when, and how questions can help determine each objective goal and end result in order to formulate a comprehensive scope statement. This will define what work is to be done and by whom. It will also define what constitutes success and failure of the project. ‍

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